This form enables anyone who is, or has been a student, staff or visitor to the University to anonymously report any inappropriate behaviour of any kind from staff, students or members of the community. This includes bullying and harassment, hate incident, sexual misconduct and violence and domestic abuse.

Please note that if you choose to make an anonymous report, the University will not be able to identify you or the individual/s you are reporting against. We will not be able to offer direct advice to you or begin any formal complaint or investigation process.

If you prefer, you can report an incident with your details to request to speak to someone about the support and reporting options available, and/or you may choose to make a report for the purpose of requesting that the University take further action.

We understand that reporting an incident is not something that everyone wishes to do. This option enables you to anonymously report this type of behaviour. In an anonymous report, we will not ask you for any personally identifiable details. The information you provide in this report will remain confidential and we will not be able to identify you. It will be used to monitor issues across the Durham University community to help identify appropriate prevention and response interventions.

    By submitting this form, you agree to the use of the information you provide as detailed in the Privacy Notice and one or more of the following policies:
  1. Respect at Work: Harassment and Bullying Policy and Procedures for Staff
  2. Respect at Study Policy and Code of Practice and Procedures for Students to make a Complaint about Harassment
  3. Sexual Misconduct and Violence Policy.